Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The end of the regular service between Portimao, Funchal and the Canary Islands

After five years of regular service between the Portuguese Mainland and the Island of Madeira, the Spanish operator ARMAS decided to withdraw from the service, sad news particulary for the population of Madeira which is now deprived  of an alternative way of transport from the Island. Photo of the ship "VOLCAN DE TIJARAFE, Ferry used on the service, docked at Portimao last July and a video by Joao Abreu focusing on yesterday's departure from Funchal, the very last one for the VOLCAN DE TIJARAFE and the end of the line for this regular service

FERRIES, motorways of the seas

One of the reasons I have created this blog was to share some of my experiences travelling by ferry and also to re-iterate the importance of these gentle giants on European Economy. Ferries today are environmental friendly, they transport your car or trailer all over Europe helping to ease congestions on our extremely busy European Roads and provide means of taking our cars all over Europe despite going on Holidays or as Tourists. Ferries are also very safe, today they are massive, they offer extremely comfortable accommodation for passengers which are pampered with Restaurants, cinemas, bars, even swimming-pools, they are also fast, they can travel from, for instance Portsmouth in the UK to Santander in Spain in just 24 hours, they offer night crossings particulary throughout Northern Europe saving motorists congested roads and stressed journeys. Ferries are essential for Islands, they bring tourism, they employ people, they help the local economies and they offer freedom for islanders, populations feel they are connected with the Mainland, people can bring their cars, loads or just travelling as a foot passenger. Without Ferries my job would not exist, I would not be able to take my car to Mainland Europe and visit my customers all over Europe and without it the logistics of the all operation simply would not be workable. Facing the future there should be more Financial Help from the European Union, local Governments and support for all those who want to go private and create new links, it is vital that we understand the importance of the Ferries in our economy and environment, COUNTRIES SHOULD NOT IGNORE REALITY AND FACE THE FACTS. Photos taken in various parts of Europe, Santander, Barcelona, Rotterdam, English Channel, Saint-Nazaire, Dunkirk, Portsmouth, Le Havre and Calais

Monday, 30 January 2012


Photos taken on the 21st January 2012 of two Lisbon Ferries, known locally as "CACILHEIROS"


The ferry "SD NETLEY" was built in 2001 by Aluminium Shipbuilders at Fareham, the vessel is classified as a crew boat and tender, including lifeboats. Photo taken on the 17th January at Portsmouth

Tankship "JAYNEE W"

Built in 1996 by Yorkshire Dry Dock at Kingston-Upon-Hull, the tankship "JAYNEE W" is a frequent visitor to the solent, she is seen bunkering both in Southampton or Portsmouth often, the ship is 1689 GRT and is owned by WHITAKER TANKERS, company registered at Hull. Photo taken at Portsmouth on the 17Th January

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Portuguese cargo ship "CORVO"

Built in 2007 by ESTALEIROS NAVAIS DE VIANA DO CASTELO in Portugal, "CORVO" is registered at Ponta Delgada/Azores and operated by BENSAUDE, the ship has a Deadweight of 8600 tons and a displacement when fully loaded of 12.772 tons. The ship is operated between Portugal and the Azores Islands a round trip that takes 12 days. "CORVO" photographed at Leixoes on the 20th of January, for anyone with a particular interest on this beautiful ship, I recommend Luis Miguel Correia's book, for all the information please visit http://lmcshipsandthesea.blogspot.com

Sister cargo ships at Bilbao

Captured here last 18th of January at the Spanish Port of Bilbao are the sister ships "WMS HARLINGEN" and "RBD DALMATIA", they were both built in 2007 by FUJIAN MAWEI SHIPBUILDING in China and are both operated by Dutch company NAVIGIA at Groningen, they are both registered at Limassol/Cyprus but have different owners, the RBD DALMATIA is owned by DREWITZ BERND REEDEREI at Hamburg, while the WMS HARLINGEN is owned by NAVIGIA at Groningen, both ships have a Deadweight of approximately 8.200 tons

CPR SURVEY-Monitoring the health of the oceans since 1931

Founded in 1931 by Sir Alister Hardy, the SIR ALISTER HARDY FOUNDATION, known as SAHFOS, is an international charity that operates collecting data from the North Atlantic and the North Sea studying  the Plankton. "CAP FINISTERE" is one of the ships towing CPR (continuous plankton recorder) operating on the Bay of Biscay, others are for instance the 2003 built cargo ship "OLAND" registered in Malta, for all the information on the Foundation, please visit www.sahfos.ac.uk. Photos taken on board "CAP FINISTERE" last week

Saturday, 28 January 2012

TUGS at Santander

Photos taken at the Port of Santander last monday the 23rd of January, from "CAP FINISTERE" starting her voyage back to the UK. TUGS are admirable vessels that I love to photograph

Friday, 27 January 2012

"SPIRIT OF FRANCE" due at Dover tomorrow

After delivery of P & O Ferries new "SPIRIT OF FRANCE" been delayed due to technical problems, the ship is finally due at Dover tomorrow, so the new SPIRIT CLASS will be in full swing on the Dover/Calais service early February, photo of sister ship "SPIRIT OF BRITAIN" departing Calais last April, which entered service in January 2011 included

Fishing Vessel entering Santander

Photos taken from on board "CAP FINISTERE" on the 23rd January 2012

Thursday, 26 January 2012


TRANSFENNICA is an European Shipping Company with fast scheduled cargo services, the fleet is comprised by fast ships allowing weekly turnarounds between some of the biggest European Ports, Finland and Russia, for all the information on this service, please follow the link www.transfennica.com

Seen here last week in Bilbao is the M.S. "KRAFTCA built in 2006, the ship as a GRT of 24.800 and travels at 22 knots, the vessel is registered in Holland, photos taken on the 18th January, also included a map of all the routes provided by TRANSFENNICA, really enjoyed photographing this ship, original, sleek and built for speed

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

"CAP FINISTERE" docking and the cargo ship "AQUILA VOYAGER"

Seen here last wednesday, the 18th from the "CAP FINISTERE" docking at her berth, is the cargo ship AQUILA VOYAGER, the Antigua registered ship built in 2002, she has a deadweight of 34.665 tons

The Port of Bilbao

The history of the Port of Bilbao is linked to the foundation of the city, in 1300 Bilbao became a city and was granted the control of the maritime traffic entering its estuary. Today, The Port is located 9 miles west of the city and the main facilities are located at Zierbena and Santurtzi, where I docked last week on board BF cruise Ferry "CAP FINISTERE". Today the Port is the Country's largest and the 4th busiest. In 1998 after the opening of the wonderful GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM a need for a new dock was needed to accommodate the increasing number of cruise ships visiting the city, this facility is known as the Getxo. Photos taken on the 18th of January.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

"CAP FINISTERE" arriving Bilbao

 "CAP FINISTERE" arriving Bilbao, photos included, the Spanish Flag, the ship reducing speed and pilots going on board to assist the docking, 18th January 2012