Friday, 30 August 2013


Built in Finland in 2001 the M.V. "RODIN" is a charming cruise ferry, today operated by the newly formed MY FERRYLINK this beautiful ship retains a yacht-like decor, I have sailed several times on the SEAFRANCE RODIN but this was my first crossing on the RODIN, a couple of weeks ago I was on board BERLIOZ, exactly the day MY FERRYLINK completed one year operating on the Dover/Calais service the 20.8.2013, I hope this new venture is a successful one, both RODIN and BERLIOZ are truly handsome ships very proudly kept by their crews, healthy competition is needed on this route. Photos on RODIN today, 30.8.2013

Thursday, 22 August 2013

NORD PAS DE CALAIS departing her home port

"NORD PAS DE CALAIS" was built in 1987 by CHANTIERS DU NORD ET DE LA MEDITERRANEE SA/Dunkirk, she was originally operated by SNCF, in 1989 ownership was changed to SNAT. Seven years later SNAT started trading as SEAFRANCE, the ship was renamed SEAFRANCE NORD PAS DE CALAIS, after the recent collapse of SEAFRANCE, the ship was laid-up for a period of nearly one year when she finally joined the newly formed company MY FERRYLINK, her name went back to "NORD PAS DE CALAIS", she is today operated as a Freight only ship on the Calais/Dover service, she is registered at Calais where she is seen above on the 20.8.2013 the day MY FERRYLINK completed one year of trading on the English Channel.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

MY FERRYLINK is one year old today

MY FERRYLINK is one year old today, this new company was established on the 20.8.2012, they operate cruise ferries RODIN and BERLIOZ passenger and freight ships and the NORD PAS DE CALAIS freight only ship, in total this new company offer 16 crossings per day on the Dover/Calais route, it was very nice to see the ships dressed overall for this special occasion, I was traveling from Dover on the BERLIOZ on another beautiful summer's day, really emotional to see the ships saluting each other both at sea and in port celebrating this special day, good to see as well the ship nearly full. Photos taken on board BERLIOZ, 20.8.2013

Monday, 19 August 2013

MY FERRY LINK, second busiest Ferry Operator on the Dover/Calais route

After just one year trading, the newly formed MY FERRY LINK is now the second busiest Ferry Operator on the Dover/Calais route, photos below taken at Calais last September 2012

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Ship Spotting at Barcelona and the "GOLONDRINAS"

"GOLONDRINAS", the Spanish word for "Swallows", are small motor boats that have been performing short hikes since 1888 to show visitors and locals the city of Barcelona from the sea and its harbour. To go on board a "GOLONDRINA", is also in my opinion the best option for ship spotting in this ever busy port. Photos 13.7.2013