Tuesday, 26 June 2012


One of the three new DFDS Ferries on the Dover/Dunkirk service, the "DELFT SEAWAYS" is seen here at Dover on the 16.6.2012, the ship was built in South Korea and completed at the end of 2005, she has over 35.000 GRT and takes two hours to do the crossing, these three new ships were so much attractive with the NORFOLK LINE livery, shame because they are very modern and with colourful interiors making them very pleasant ships to sail on. Photos from the "DEAL SEAWAYS"

Sunday, 24 June 2012

"DEAL SEAWAYS" new ship on the Dover / Calais service

Further to my previous post here is the "DEAL SEAWAYS" in this particular instance arriving Calais on the 17.6.2012 at the end of one of her five daily crossings from Dover, she is the new fleet mate of the NORMAN SPIRIT on this new LD LINES/DFDS joint-venture

Back on board former BRITTANY FERRIES "BARFLEUR"

Last Saturday the 16.6.2012, I was back on board the new LD LINES ship for the Dover / Calais service "DEAL SEAWAYS", this excellent Ferry is the 1992 Finland purpose built "BARFLEUR" for the service Poole/Cherbourg operated by BRITTANY FERRIES. BARFLEUR has been losing money on the service for two years which led to the vessel being laid-up by BF for a couple of times in as many years. The new joint-venture LD LINES / DFDS on the Dover/Calais route started early in the year with the NORMAN SPIRIT, for some time and as previously commented on this blog, the new competitors to P&O FERRIES on this service have been looking for a suitable ship to join the NORMAN SPIRIT, the BARFLEUR after some brief alterations became the new fleet mate for the latter, she is still a BF ship but is on long-time charter with the new operators, two things I don't like about the ship today, her name and her new livery colours but at least she is kept busy and sailing, the best possible way to preserve a ship from ageing.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Cruise Ferries at Calais

You never get tired of Calais if you are just a ship spotter, a ships enthusiast, or both, captured here on the 16.6.2012 are the LD LINES "NORMAN SPIRIT", the superb brand new P&O FERRIES "SPIRIT OF BRITAIN" and the P & O FERRIES "PRIDE OF CANTERBURY"

Thursday, 7 June 2012

M.V. "DOMIZIANA" at Genoa

We step back in time in this "post" to the year of 1989, seen here at Genoa is the former TIRRENIA ferry "DOMIZIANA", built in 1979 by ITALCANTIERI the ship was operated on the Genoa-Porto Torres route until 2011 when she was sold to ADRIA FERRIES and renamed AF FRANCESCA, she is 12.523 GRT.
TIRRENIA DI NAVIGAZIONE is an Italian company with a long history, it was formed in 1936 as a result of the nationalization of private owned Italian Lines, today the company operates 23 ships on Italian internal routes and also a service from Italy to ALBANIA. Photos at Genoa, summer 1989