Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Seen here yesterday entering the Port of Liverpool is the brand new SEATRUCK FERRIES, "SEATRUCK PROGRESS". The ship was built in Germany by FLENSBURGER SCHIFFBAU-GESELLSCHAFT and delivered to her owners and operators in November of 2011, she entered service on the Liverpool-Dublin route on the 20.12.2011, the ship is 18.920 GRT has a capacity for 150 trailers and cruises at 21 knots. Photos 29.5.2012

Saturday, 26 May 2012

M.V. "DEAL SEAWAYS" is the new ship employed on the Dover/Calais service by DFDS/LD LINES joint venture

                          BARFLEUR departing Poole in June last year
                           Truck-Drivers lounge on board BARFLEUR

The BRITTANY FERRIES "BARFLEUR" is the new ship chartered by DFDS/LD LINES joint venture on their new Dover/Calais route, the newly formed group has been looking for some time for a second vessel to join the "NORMAN SPIRIT" on this service. "BARFLEUR" was laid-up in France due to lack of profits on the Poole/Cherbourg route, operated by BF. The 20.133 GRT ship built in FINLAND by KVAERNER MASA-YARDS and completed in 1992 has been re-named "DEAL SEAWAYS", the ship has capacity for 1212 passengers and 370 vehicles, she is on charter for the moment, I have sailed many times on the "BARFLEUR" with BF and I am really looking forward to see the ship with the new DFDS livery, she is a very comfortable ship, no doubt a plus for the new firm on this new service, "DEAL SEAWAYS" started her new role on the 27.4.2012

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tall Ships Races visit Lisbon in July

The TALL SHIPS are visiting Lisbon in July this year for the second leg of the races, this year's event will start on the 5th of July in Saint-Malo. The last time the Tall Ships Races were in Portugal was in 2006. For all the information about the TALL SHIPS RACES 2012 please visit my blog

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Lisbon ships and the creation of the modern World

I was born and bred in Lisbon, a great Maritime City with a massive shipping heritage and culture, Lisbon was the centre of an empire, the pioneers of the so called World Globalization departed  on their enterprises from this fascinating city. It's strategic position has been coveted since the second crusade, embracing centuries of Arab invasions, an Atlantic Empire, the vital role during the 100 years war, the African colonies, the Liberal Revolution of 1974, Lisbon and Portugal have a fundamental role in the building of the modern World. Recently I was there once again and it is with delight that I  have registered the river Tagus very busy with ships, of all sorts, cruise ships, container and conventional cargo ships, tugs, ferries, ships and vessels of all sorts. Above a photographic display of this occasion, images taken between the 29th of April and the 2sd of May 2012

Friday, 11 May 2012

LISBON FERRY TALES by Luis Miguel Correia

"LISBON FERRY TALES" is the new book by Maritime Historian and Photographer Luis Miguel Correia. This excellent new book has 208 pages with 300 photos and is an account of the river Tagus Steamers, Ferries and Catamarans that have been sailing on the longest Iberian river for over one hundred years in the Lisbon region serving millions of people, they were in fact the only way to cross for many years until the building of the "Salazar Bridge" in 1966, known today as the "Ponte 25 de Abril". A beautiful book, steeped in Maritime History with remarkable photos, highly recommended. Images included, Front Cover of the new book by Luis Miguel Correia, the other photos, taken in Lisbon 30.4.2012. For further details and to order the book please visit

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Ship Spotting in Lisbon, an history of success

I have recently spent three days in Lisbon, during this short visit I had opportunity to meet with old and new Friends, like myself ships enthusiasts and keen photographers and the occasion was quite a success and why was this, success is not about power, money, success is about joy, friendship, waking up in the morning knowing we are going to meet with friends with the same interests in life. Hundreds of photos have been taken during this period, particulary cruise-ships which are daily visitors to the city of Lisbon during this time of the year, for other posts and photos of cruise ships in Lisbon during this visit, please visit my CRUISE SHIPS AND LINERS Blog on

Photos taken between the 29.4.2012 and 2.5.2012