Wednesday, 29 February 2012

HMS LIVERPOOL for the last time on the Mersey

HMS LIVERPOOL visits the Merseyside for the last time, the ship will even be opened to the public this week end, for all the celebrations and events please visit my LIVERPOOL MARITIME CITY blog on

Car Park Shopper with P & O FERRIES

Drive on board P & O FERRIES ships at Dover, park your car and enjoy a mini-cruise round trip to Calais without getting off in France. A typical round trip with a stop at Calais takes less than 4 hours, during the voyage there's plenty of time to stock up and the P & O staff will carry your shopping directly to your car, also there is plenty of time to savour the "A La Carte Menu" at the beautifully decorated BRASSERIE, the only ship without this facility is the "PRIDE OF BURGUNDY", a nice experience that starts at £12 per person, for further details please visit P & O FERRIES website Top image, the new "SPIRIT OF FRANCE" sailing from Calais last year and two promotional images by P & O advertising the new SPIRIT CLASS ships, they are both a treat a destination in itself, coudn't recommend it more

Monday, 27 February 2012

Whale and Dolphin cruises to Spain with BRITTANY FERRIES

BRITTANY FERRIES and ORCA, a Charity Conservation Organization for Whales and dolphins have once again teamed up to bring six fantastic cruises to Santander on board flagship "PONT-AVEN". These not to be missed voyages will take place in the summer, I have travelled this route with BF many times and have some memorable experiences, experts on the matter will lecture and show passengers the best way to look for these gentle creatures and I tell you what, they don't disappoint, they show up most of the times for the delight of the passengers, for other information about the cruises and also to find out about ORCA please visit my BF Blog on The ship to be used is a destination in itself, offering Restaurants, Bars, Cinema and even a swimming-pool

Saturday, 25 February 2012

LD LINES/DFDS new service cross channel

LD LINES joined DFDS on a new adventure, the service from Dover to Calais, with the end of SEAFRANCE they represent the only competition to P & O FERRIES, on the Dover-Calais route, which just invested over 360 million euros on their new SPIRIT CLASS ships, images taken from LD LINES website advertising the new Cross Channel service, for all information and bookings please visit


Captured here on the 12th of February from on board "SPIRIT OF FRANCE" is the DFDS ferry "DOVER SEAWAYS", the ship was ready for sea for another crossing to Dunkirk which takes two hours, with the liquidation of SEAFRANCE, DFDS has been for a brief spell tough the only competition for P & O FERRIES on this short cross channel route Calais and Dunkirk served from Dover, the Calais crossing takes 90 minutes, both operators have been particulary busy, LD LINES has now joined the competition with daily crossings to Calais, NORMAN SPIRIT the only vessel at the moment, but reports indicate that she will soon be joined by a second ferry

Friday, 24 February 2012

"PRIDE OF CALAIS" still sailing on the Dover-Calais route

I have recently done a post about "PRIDE OF CALAIS" being laid-up after the debut of the new SPIRIT OF FRANCE, due to the demand on passengers and freight on this service, after the liquidation of SEAFRANCE, P & O FERRIES is still using the ship. Photo of the 1987 built "PRIDE OF CALAIS" at Dover last October

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

P & O History remembered on board new SPIRIT CLASS super cruise ferries

The new P & O SPIRIT CLASS Ferries keep former glory days of the company alive on board the new ships, these photos are just an example of that, the year that this Historic Company is celebrating 175 years of existence, photos taken on the 12th February 2011 on board SPIRIT OF FRANCE

Sunday, 19 February 2012


"PRIDE OF CANTERBURY" was built in Germany by SCHICHAU SEEBECKWERFT in 1991 as the "EUROPEAN PATHWAY", the ship started on the Dover-Zeebrugge route in January 2002 operated by P & O European Ferries. In March of 1998 P & O and STENA LINE merged their short sea operations, the new company was called P & O STENA LINE, this alliance lasted until 2002 when P & O bought 40% of the shares from STENA LINE, the new company would trade as P & O FERRIES. The newly formed company decided that sister ships EUROPEAN PATHWAY and EUROPEAN HIGHWAY would go for a massive reconversion that would see the passenger capacity increased from 200 to 2000 passengers, this was known as the "PROJECT DARWIN", the new buildings would take place in Germany at LLOYD WERFT. The new "PRIDE OF CANTERBURY" arrived at Dover for the first time in May of 2003, she and her sister, now named "PRIDE OF KENT" were to be used on the Dover-Calais route, when built in 1991 EUROPEAN PATHWAY was 20.986 GRT, after the 2002/3 rebuilt the gross tonnage was increased to 30.365. I remember sailing on both ships in 2003, they were announced as new by P & O, in fact the transformation was immense and they were virtually new. The "PRIDE OF CANTERBURY" is seen here on sunday the 12th of February at Dover and the day after arriving at Calais

Saturday, 18 February 2012


"PRIDE OF BURGUNDY" was built in Germany by SCHICHAU UNTERWESER AG in 1993, the ship is owned and operated by P & O FERRIES, she started her maiden voyage on the Dover/Calais route on the 5th April 1993. "PRIDE OF BURGUNDY" has capacity for 1400 passengers, she is propelled by Diesel Engines with a cruising speed of 21 knots and is 28138 GRT. Photos in this post, the ship arriving Calais in April last year, at sea from the "DUNKERQUE SEAWAYS" in June 2011 and ready to start another crossing from Calais, last monday, the 13th February

Friday, 17 February 2012

New Dover-Calais service with DFDS/LD LINES starting today

The new DFDS/LD LINES service between Dover and Calais in finally under way today, the ship to be used is the LD LINES "NORMAN SPIRIT" seen here last year at Le Havre on the 23rd of June. According to recent news, the company is looking for a second ship, "NORMAN SPIRIT" is flying the French Flag


Photos taken on board P & O FERRIES "PRIDE OF BURGUNDY" on the 13th of February during a crossing from Calais to Dover, COSTA, HORIZON LOUNGE BAR, THE CLUB LOUNGE and the SELF SERVICE Restaurant, there is no BRASSERIE on board the ship


Few images taken last monday, the 13th of February on board P & O FERRIES "PRIDE OF BURGUNDY", the charming atmosphere, old world ambiance of the room leading to the "CLUB LOUNGE" on board the ship, featuring as well, few portraits of former P & O Liners, all this on the year that P & O celebrates 175 years of Maritime History

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


During your crossing with P & O FERRIES you can treat yourself to extra luxury booking the "CLUB LOUNGE" it costs £12 when pre-booked or £14 if you upgrade on board the ships, the price includes a complimentary glass of champagne, coffee, tea, soft drinks and newspapers, on board the new SPIRIT CLASS there is even an exclusive outdoor space, a must during summer months. Images of the main entrance to the "CLUB LOUNGE" on board SPIRIT OF FRANCE", photos taken last sunday, the 12th February 2012.

"SPIRIT OF FRANCE" at a glance

Inside the new superb "SPIRIT OF FRANCE", photos taken last sunday, the 12th February 2012