Monday, 29 August 2016

Ship spotting at Harwich before boarding my next cruise ferry

One of my trips this month on cruise ferries was from Harwich to Hoek Van Holland, before STENA BRITANNICA, time for some ship spotting at the very attractive ports of Harwich and Felixstowe, these photos were taken from Harwich during low tide and Dovercourt, a marvellous advantage point for the Ports breakwater, photos 17.8.2016

STENA HOLLANDICA arriving Harwich

Super Cruise Ferry "STENA HOLLANDICA" arriving Harwich, photos taken at the end of the day of 17th of August, the ship arrived at 19.45 from Hoek Van Holland, HOLLANDICA was the first of the two very identical super ferries built by NORDIC YARDS, WISMAR in Germany, she entered service in January of 2010, her sister the BRITANNICA debuted in October of the same year. Some technical details of both ships

TONNAGE: 64.039 GT
CARGO CAPACITY: 5500 lane meters
ACCOMMODATION: total of 538 cabins for a maximum pax capacity of 1200
PUBLIC SPACES: A La Carte and Buffet Self Service Restaurants, shop, cinema, Bars, Lounge areas
                               Business Lounge, Internet Room, Gaming area, Children/Teenage area, Sundeck,
                               Newsroom/Meeting room
MAIN ENGINES:  4 MAN with a total of 33.600 kW
                               22 knots service speed, she cruises at an average of 18 knots.
STENA HOLLANDICA is Dutch Registered, BRITANNICA, British
MAXIMUM LENGTH: 240 meters, BEAM 32 meters, DRAFT 6.4 meters

Photos 17.8.2016

Thursday, 25 August 2016

PRIDE OF ROTTERDAM shining at Europoort

Clear blue skies, 34 degrees temperature and a shining cruise ferry was the scenery at Europoort yesterday, it was my fourth trip of the year on PRIDE OF ROTTERDAM, really good to see the ship full with passengers and freight, passengers some ending their holidays, others on their way to the UK to begin theirs, modern cruise ferries are the present day liners, transporting people and cargo to their destinations, the photos above show the ship ready for her passengers and sailing on her way to the UK, 24.8.2016.