Saturday, 26 May 2018


BRITTANY FERRIES in a clear sign of confidence in the future, has this week confirmed the charter of two new E-FLEXER cruise ferries from STENA, both ships are to be built by Chinese shipyard AVIC WEIHAI and the first one will arrive in time for the summer season of 2021. E-FLEXER cruise ferries are passenger and vehicle RoPax ships designed to be flexible and efficient, with a unique hull shape, the bow will reduce resistance around the thruster openings and the stern is shaped to reduce wave making, at 42.200 G.T., they are very similar in size to the "PONT-AVEN", both will have 214.5 meters in lenght and can cruise at a service speed of 22 knots. As a frequent passenger of BRITTANY FERRIES since 1992, this is excellent news, I feel part of this ferry operator, it is also good news for ferry travel out of Portsmouth to Santander and Bilbao, as a keen ship enthusiast and regular cruise ferry passenger, I will follow new developments with the utmost interest, image included from BRITTANY FERRIES

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