Saturday, 6 May 2017

CRUISE OLBIA sailing from Olbia in Sardinia

Just over a week ago I went to Sardinia for the first time, sailed from Mainland Italy using the Tuscany Port of Livorno, a city steeped in maritime history, my round trip was to the Port of Olbia in Northern Sardinia, outbound sailed on ZEUS PALACE, my second trip on the ship, returning on CRUISE OLBIA, my first trip on this former SUPERFAST FERRIES cruise ferry, a ship very similar to my very well known CAP FINISTERE of BRITTANY FERRIES, Olbia is a wonderful destination for ships enthusiasts, cruise ferries book a presence on daily basis and also cruise ships call now and then. Photos selected were taken onboard the GRIMALDI's CRUISE OLBIA on the 26th April 2017.

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