Sunday, 20 November 2016

STENA BRITANNICA with a message of reflection

"STENA BRITANNICA" is a mega cruise ferry operated by STENA LINE on the Harwich to Hoek Van Holland route, seven hours is the time she needs to cross the North Sea, the ship can cruise at a maximum speed of over 22 knots but she needs, normally, an average of only 16 to do the trip. Recently the ship has been to her biggest refit since she was introduced in 2010, during this period of dry dock, apart from the usual maintenance, new scrubbers were installed to comply with the new environmental legislations, she was also painted with a sort of "green waves" on her upper superstructure, in my opinion she looks really smart, the "green waves" not everybody's cup of tea, but she looks much nicer live than in photos, most importantly, the ship emerged from the refit with a message of reflection and union "CONNECTING EUROPE FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE",  a simple message of reflection for all Europeans in times of uncertainty. "STENA BRITANNICA" still looks a very elegant cruise ferry, the scrubbers hardly changed her looks, the huge size of her funnel could easily accommodate the new filters, the new funnel top, hardly changes her profile, The ship is seen here departing Hoek Van Holland at 14.00 hours C.E.T. time on the 19.11.2016

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