Sunday 15 September 2019

"MONT ST MICHEL" departing Portsmouth

The beautiful "MONT ST MICHEL" departing Portsmouth to Ouistreham ( Caen ) back in February of this year, the ship was introduced in 2002 becoming a companion to the "NORMANDIE" on this route, a rather smart cruise ferry, extremely comfortable ship with impeccable service. Photo Vitor Francisco

Wednesday 8 May 2019

"MARKO POLO" arriving Ancona

Early morning arrival from Split of the "MARKO POLO at Ancona, photo Vitor Francisco, 29.4.2019

Friday 26 April 2019

Harwich and the "STENA BRITANNICA"

Harwich, the Waterfront of Harwich and old town, is one of those places that seems to have stood still with time, I can feel the atmosphere of the days of the MAYFLOWER, that's brilliant and I love it, I was back there this week for another sea voyage to Rotterdam on the "STENA HOLLANDICA". Photos of maritime Harwich and the "STENA BRITANNICA" arriving, 25.4.2019, Vitor Francisco

Saturday 26 May 2018


BRITTANY FERRIES in a clear sign of confidence in the future, has this week confirmed the charter of two new E-FLEXER cruise ferries from STENA, both ships are to be built by Chinese shipyard AVIC WEIHAI and the first one will arrive in time for the summer season of 2021. E-FLEXER cruise ferries are passenger and vehicle RoPax ships designed to be flexible and efficient, with a unique hull shape, the bow will reduce resistance around the thruster openings and the stern is shaped to reduce wave making, at 42.200 G.T., they are very similar in size to the "PONT-AVEN", both will have 214.5 meters in lenght and can cruise at a service speed of 22 knots. As a frequent passenger of BRITTANY FERRIES since 1992, this is excellent news, I feel part of this ferry operator, it is also good news for ferry travel out of Portsmouth to Santander and Bilbao, as a keen ship enthusiast and regular cruise ferry passenger, I will follow new developments with the utmost interest, image included from BRITTANY FERRIES

Friday 18 May 2018

Elegant dining on "PONT-AVEN", flagship of BRITTANY FERRIES

"Consistently good" and a "wonderful way to start or end your Holiday", that's how the majority of passengers dining at "LE FLORA" Restaurant on board "PONT-AVEN", describe their experience. Elegant fine dining with waiter service, a very good waiter service, it's a culinary treat not to be missed, BRITTANY FERRIES still serves in my opinion, the best quality food at a reasonable price, followed closely today by DFDS, on their Newcastle to Amsterdam route. Photos taken on board "PONT-AVEN" 2.2.2018 Vitor Francisco

"PRIDE OF BRUGES" sailing from Hull, an incredible manoeuvre

One of the most special and incredible manoeuvres I have ever witnessed, is the departure or arrival of the cruises ferries, "PRIDE OF BRUGES" and "PRIDE OF YORK at Hull, navigating the lock, pass the other P & O cruise ferries really close, it is to say the least for a ship's enthusiast, exciting and what better way to see it, than from on board one of the ships getting ready to sail to Rotterdam, the "PRIDE OF ROTTERDAM" or the "PRIDE OF YORK", the photos selected for this post, were taken from the "PRIDE OF ROTTERDAM", 15.5.2018 Vitor Francisco

Thursday 17 May 2018

"PRIDE OF ROTTERDAM", touches of gems from the past

I have been sailing on "PRIDE OF ROTTERDAM" and her sister "PRIDE OF HULL" since 2001, the year they were introduced, they were the largest cruise ferries in the world at the time, today at 17 years old, they are not new, but they are also far from being old, these ships are built to last for about 35 years, so the sisters are in their prime, what I still really like about them, is the atmosphere on board, a reminder of old P & O liners from the past, a time where ships had souls, the area of the BRASSERIE and the QUITE ROOM are steeped in Maritime History and remind me of P & O Liners of the past, the Zeebrugge to Hull sisters have recently been refurbished, the BRASSERIE completely changed, it looks an empty space, lifeless, ask me 1000 times which one of the two I'd rather be and the answer would be 1000 times the Rotterdam to Hull sisters. Photos taken on board the "PRIDE OF ROTTERDAM", 15.5.2018 Vitor Francisco

Sunday 18 March 2018

Ready for sea on board "KING SEAWAYS"

Photos taken on board "KING SEAWAYS" 7.2.2017, prior to departure from North Shelds (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) to Ijmuiden (Amsterdam), Vitor Francisco

"PRIDE OF ROTTERDAM" arriving Rotterdam

"PRIDE OF ROTTERDAM" at sea arriving Europoort ( Rotterdam ), photos 18.4.2017 Vitor Francisco

"PRIDE OF YORK" last year soon after one of her most extensive refits

It's always very good to come back here and write a few words and share some photos. "PRIDE OF YORK" and "PRIDE OF BRUGES" were relaunched early last year after an £8.5 million refit, P & O FERRIES invested on both ships in order to keep them in service on the Hull to Zeebrugge route for several more years to come, freight drivers facilities were transformed, shops, the BRASSERIE and cabins were all improved, both sister ships take passengers in comfort to Continental Europe and provide a good first time cruising experience, the photos here included were taken on the 14.3.2017, "PRIDE OF YORK" sailing from Kingston-Upon-Hull, Vitor Francisco.